So Lazy and Tired

  • 20:27 | 10.04.2012

  • Gah! This week is like super fucked >> My class is gonna have a presentation tomorrow and that's it. Gonna sit in a classroom with 30 other people, listening to 1 person after 1 person for 5 hours .__. Weeho~~! Best day ever >> And well I am supposed to write something for tomorrow but I just have no fucking idea of WHO to write about! I mean like a britsh icon? Why brtisih!?! Why not wordlwide!? And well I am really tired right now, so I think im just gonna go to sleep. Yupp sleep and then wake up later and write the presentation and hope I remember what to say without having anything to read from.

    Meh, why I not small nose HUH!?!

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    , Porsgrunn

    I am pretty much a stereotype asian.