My Style 30.03.2012 - Bunny~~!

  • 17:18 | 30.03.2012

  • Heh, was a bunny today ^^ ( Yes I know, I have no boobies >>)

    Is it just me or does tights make your legs look thinner and like longer e.e?

    I had my first excercise today since like EVER! And I wasn't tired at all! Which is kinda amazing.. I actually liked it e.e I'm kinda sleepy now, so I'll go to sleep XDHAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!

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    connie rossing

    30.03.2012 kl.18:27

    kult! kult med bilder som endrer seg!


    30.03.2012 kl.19:31

    Elsker bunny genseren! And yes, your leg would look thinner and longer with tigh on :P

    God pske!!

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