Straight hair after a long time!

  • 18:38 | 29.03.2012

  • It's been some time since I've seen myself with straight hair. I was born with black-asian-straight hair but when I went to Vietnam I got a perm, since I wanted to try out curls and well I LOVE it :D

    Anyways, I wanted to see what I looked like before, so I straightened my hair :P And well, It's not bad but it looks kinda weird e.e Since my hair is really dry at the ends! Since taking perm is really damaging BUT when I was in Vietnam I went to the beach everyday. So my hair got damaged by the strong sun and the salt water TwT

    And well, I wasn't able to cure my hair until I got home to Norway >.> It's a lot better now, though I do have some split ends ..

    I know it's not so curly but that's because I just brushed my hair and I didn't use mousse :P GAH! My hair is like fucking long! YES GROW HAIR GROW!! Once it's like SUPER long I'll dye half of it white and half of the white in colors :D

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    29.03.2012 kl.19:02

    Love your hair!! I'm so jealous TwT

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