My own bathroom! (kinda XP)

  • 18:30 | 29.03.2012

  • I didn't have anything to do today, actually I was going to sleep right away when I got home from school. But then I thought all my time would be gone by then, and I would just end up waking up after 7 hours and stay awake until 3 am , which I've been doing for some weeks now >.>

    Since I live in the basement I'm pretty much alone ( Lol, such a loner...) and well we have like a bathroom down here, and I usually go to the bathroom each morning to fix my make up since the light there is SOOO much better. The thing is I always have to carry my make up back and forth all the time and clean up after myself, and well I do not have time to do that when I have to get to school .__.

    So today I fucking cleaned the closet in the bathroom! And I tell you.. It was a disgusting thing to do e.e I think I have to clean it more often... Ahahahha~~~!

    This is how it looked like before I started..."It's not so bad", u think, but seriously be happy that I didn't take any close ups e.e

    After throwing unnecessary old shiet that's been there for like YEARS! And removing all the dust and used like ALOT of cleaningspraythingie, it got finally clean -w-

    And this is how it looks like in the end :D

    If you think that's all the make up I have, then you're wrong lol XD I have PLENTY more, I just threw some today too, cause I had too much + they were pretty old e.e Anyways the rest are in my room :P

    It was about time I did this. Since my father or brother ALWAYS uses the bathroom upstairs, and I have to wait for them to be done which is like FOREVER! So I always get late because of them >.>

    Well, you know when I have time for myself and a place for myself I feel SOO much happier XD I know that I'm not the only one but I LOVE to have time for myself and like take care of my skin/hair/body. It's like Zen for me lol!

    I bet I'm not the only one!!

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